"From Russia With Love"

"From Russia With Love", Meet the strong, silent Siberian, with personality to share.

Food Tips

We recommend  Nu cat vitamins (the cats like the taste and it is great for raw diet)
http://www.nuvet.com/  Order code 67505D

An other food recall, this time Eukanuba/Iams

Since there was a massive recall of cat foods by Natura which we also recommended, Californis Natural, Evo, Innova, Healtwise, Karma
Note that only dry food is involved in the recall. If you want to use dry food variety (mixing the best ones) might help with lessening the damage if you happen to have a contaminated batch.

There is again a new dry food recall

Unfortunately some of the foods were on my list of acceptable dry foods (Chicken Soup, Taste of the Wild). My kitten handout emphasizes the benefit of feeding cats with species appropriate diet which is raw and the second best is canned. I have it in my kitten handout but want to emphasize it again. If someone wants to have a little dry as emergency food or treat for the cats I recommend Life's Abundance. This food has never been recalled, made freshly, delivered to your door (it is available only on line). so far I have not seen a cat who would not like it (among those who eat dry some of my cats and kittens will not touch dry). Here is the link